We’ve come a long way, kiddo. Just one month ago you were a cool but half-baked scratching turntable, and look at you now. Are we done making improvements and modifications? Far from it. But I want you to appreciate how much you’ve -no!- we’ve grown.

I wanted to go back and take a minute to review the work I’ve done on my PT01 S and what I still need to accomplish. In my first blog post I made a short list of mods I thought were important to creating the perfect portable scratch machine so why not use that list to evaluate my work up to this point? I will go over each point and see how I’m doing. I also have some additions to my wish list at the end. Let’s get into it!


Numark PT01 Scratch

Plug and Play

The tonearm is lightweight and the cartridge is decidedly not “scratch-worthy

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I really hate to start on a negative, but I haven’t gotten a post up for this mod yet. That is to say, it’s installed and working, but I took a lot of extra care in this mod as it is a rather big project compared to some of the others I’ve written about. Stay tuned.

The Scratch Switch needs replacing

Now we’re talking! I installed to 1.2.4-C Pulse KILLA-B Crossfader from CJ Faders and I love it. The cut distance is short and choppy. The LED makes practicing more fun. The yellow color really changes the look of my PT01 from the stock color scheme. I would happily recommend this fader to any DJ looking to get into the scene, especially at only $60. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I stopped there. I will be ripping that 1.2.4-C fader out of turntable to install a Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS fader to compare the two on installation and use. I’m also cooking up some ideas for a hybrid of the two faders, leave an idea in the comments if your modding gears are turning too.

The platter is flimsy and wobbles

This mod has definitely fallen down my list of importance. For one thing, I’m out of money. Go figure. Another reason is that with some of my other mods installed (like the Jesse Dean tonearm) the platter’s plastic-y feel is not nearly as noticeable. I started DJing on a cheap set of decks, Stanton STR8-80 represent. Because of this I think I have a lighter touch than some DJs whcih can really help with a weak platter. Maybe that’s why I don’t notice it as much as others. I’ll replace it eventually, but it’s not a priority.

I want an all in one media player built into the device

The first mod I installed was the Sound Plate from Scratch Toys. Overall this mod has been great, with a few small sticking points. I love being able to start up my PT01, slap a record on it and start scratching. The music kicking on immediately may be a drawback for some, but it’s easy enough to pause if you’re not ready jam yet. I still have not gotten the firmware update to work, so I am unclear if my unit is incompatible with the software or something else entirely. The documentation on Scratch Toys’ site is weak across all products, so that is disappointing. Still, I think this mod is a lynchpin in my whole journey because it makes the turntable so fun and easy to pick up and play.

Those batteries are heavy, and the AC adapter kind of defeats the purpose. There must be a better solution

There is a better solution and I have a post coming soon! I have successfully made my PT01-KILLA rechargeable, albeit with some (many) hiccups along the way. I can’t wait to share this post with you in the coming weeks because it is the first mod that I have done completely on my own. Here’s a little teaser for you:

Time to color match

Ending on a lighter note, I’ve been having some fun looking for black and yellow parts for my build. It all started when I saw the limited run crossfader I now have installed. The yellow felts and carbon fiber handle make a nice addition to the unit, but I’ve got more on the way. I have widened my search to gold and brass parts as well, as they fit my color scheme and look fresh. You’ll see some more of this coming in the next weeks throughout most of my mods, but I am also looking at installing some LED lights under the platter. Let me know what you would like to see!

Final Thoughts

So let’s update this list. I can remove the things I’ve completed and am satisfied with. Scratch Switch replace: check. Media player: check. Color match: eh, work in progress. Now we need to rearrange the importance of these things. A new tonearm and cartridge is still at the top, but the platter swap has dropped in my opinion. I’ve also been researching some new ideas, like installing a stand-alone DVS (Digital Vinyl System like Serato) or an effects processor into the turntable. Color matching, I’ve come to realize, is only part of the overall umbrella that is cosmetic mods, so that is the new term I will use. Plus I’ve added a new item on the list: a place to hold accessories like the Sound Plate remote. I can’t wait to dig into these mods with you guys!

Thanks for reading. If you would like to follow along on my quest for unnecessary turntable mods keep your eyes on The Dojo by subscribing to my blog, and as always, if you liked this post please consider sharing it with a friend. I want to hear from you. What am I doing right? What can I do better? What do you want to see? Hit me up on Reddit, on my site, or in the comments below. Keep scratching!

Total Cost: $271.00 at time of writing