Welcome back to Impulse Buy Central, home of the veteran DJ with an increasingly annoyed girlfriend, who is starting to not believe me when I say this is the “last one.” Oh well, today I’ve got a very important fader mod for you! We’re looking at the 1.2.4-C Pulse Fader from CJ Fader. If you want to get more technical, I’ll be installing the KILLA-B limited run edition. Finally the yellow and black color scheme comes together!

This neat little crossfader has a very short throw; that is, the distance the fader can travel left to right and vice versa. It also has a fun LED that is illuminated when the fader is in the “off” position. CJ Torres, the founder of CJ Fader, is dedicating his time and efforts to supporting the portable DJ community, so I wanted to support him as well. Each unit is hand labeled with a serial number and signature. Plus, at $60 a piece these faders are a great mod on a budget. See honey, it’s not that bad!


Numark PT01 Scratch

Plug and Play

What’s in the Box

  • 1.2.4-C Pulse crossfader

  • Clear colored fader cap


First, don’t forget to take out any batteries or disconnect the power cable from the PT01. There should be no power running to your device when you begin working on it. You do not need to open the body of the turntable to install this fader, so instead remove the two screws on the outer edge of the Scratch Switch.

Gently lift the Scratch Switch up and disconnect the pin connector from the underside. DO NOT drop the wire down into the body, or you will have to dig it out with pliers or open the case.

The wire will have one loop in it to shorten it inside the turntable. You may find that you need to undo that loop. I eventually went back and undid the loop and taped the loose cord to the body. I don’t have a photo of that unfortunately.


Installing the Pulse fader is as easy as connecting the pin connector. Once you’ve done that you can position the screw holes over any of the bracket holes on the PT01’s mounting frame. I guess there are theoretically 8 possible orientations, but I chose to install mine straight in line with the bottom of the deck. It’s easy to move if you change your mind.


Installation done.


No reassembly required, just connect your power source and test your new crossfader to make sure you didn’t install it upside down. Time for glamour shots!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been living with the 1.2.4-C Pulse Fader from CJ Fader for a while now and I love it. I’ll get this out of the way: some people think that an LED for the sake of an LED is tacky and unnecessary. I am not one of those people. This fader gets a lot of reactions from non-DJ friends and I think it looks awesome. Part of the portablism movement is being flashy, outlandish, and sometimes dangerous. I think the KILLA-B will fit in just fine.

The short throw of the crossfader is really fun to play with. Sometimes I feel like I’m jamming on it too hard but after about 3 weeks of use it still looks brand new (yes a peek behind the curtain, sometimes I install mods a while before I post about them). I do struggle with some more advanced scratches on this fader, like the boomerang and autobahn cuts, but that’s ok in my eyes. I’m not entering any competitions on my PT01-KILLA. . . Yet.

As I put a bow on the first month of my mod journey, I can’t help looking back on how much I’ve learned and tried with just this one little device. But that’s a whole post in itself! Thanks for reading. If you would like to follow along on my quest for unnecessary turntable mods keep your eyes on The Dojo by subscribing to my blog, and as always, if you liked this post please consider sharing it with a friend. Keep scratching!

Mod Cost: $60.00

Total Cost: $271.00