Another week, another mod. This post is on the lighter side, and these cosmetic mods are pretty simple to install! Today we are swapping out the stock metal handle for a Jesse Dean Designs carbon fiber one. I also purchased some replacement felt pads of my color choice from JDD, so we will be putting those on as well. I chose to change the PT01 color scheme to yellow and black based on a future mod, stay tuned!

On a different note, I wanted to thank those of you who are reaching out and giving me feedback. I even had a fellow portablist send me a mod to cover on the blog (shoutout u/snotboooogy on Reddit)! If you like the blog, please consider sharing it with your friends, or subscribing to my mailing/download list. Anyway, on to the mods!


Numark PT01 Scratch

Plug and Play

First up is the new carbon fiber handle. I saw this when I was browsing other JDD products and the idea of the color scheme started to develop. To be completely honest, I was kind of bummed I couldn’t find a yellow metal handle to replace the original red one. For now this will have to do, and I know Jesse Dean makes some great stuff.

What’s in the Box

  • Carbon fiber PT01 carrying handle


First, don’t forget to take out any batteries or disconnect the power cable from the PT01. Remove the 8 case screws from the underside of the turntable. Be careful flipping it back over as the screws will fall out.

Gently lift the bottom panel up about 3 inches and disconnect the 3 pin connectors holding it on.

If you have installed a Sound Plate mod like I have, the wires will be slightly different than the ones in the photos. I’ll leave it up to you to keep track of what needs to be disconnected on your personal unit, but I would highly recommend starting to label wires inside the turntable. You may see some labels in some future pictures.

There is one black ribbon cable and 2 smaller audio cables. Set the top pieces aside (the one with the round silver speaker on it). For this mod we will be spending all of our time with the bottom. And that’s it, disassembly is complete!


Locate the 2 screws holding the original handle in place. You should be able to see a little of the red metal poking through. Once you remove these screws you will have to wiggle the handle around until it breaks loose, as it is a pretty tight fit.

Slide the new handle in place where the original was removed. Make sure it is securely tightened with the 2 screws, but do not over tighten. And just like that, it’s done.


Reattach your wires. Remember, if you have installed any previous mods you need to pay close attention to where those pins go!

Slowly close the case, making sure no wires are pinched around the edge as well as by any screw posts. Replace the 8 case screws on the underside of the turntable. Don’t just screw one in all of the way and then move on, work around the turntable tightening each by a bit at a time.

Nice and clean



Next on the docket are my new felt pads. I chose yellow because I was able to get a limited run mod, but it exclusively comes in yellow. Knowing this, I had to match around that. Strap in for a wild installation ride.

What’s in the Box

  • Replacement felt pads (Yellow)

  • Happy thoughts


Peel the old felt pads off of your PT01. If you want to save your red pads to potentially put them back on in the future, you can use a razor blade to lift them up and attempt to take them off in one piece. I used my finger and tore them off. You can wipe the areas with a damp cloth or a tiny bit of soap if there is residue. I, again, chose to bypass this step.

Kind of like the clean look, but I need that padding for full records (I guess)


Umm. . . Stick them on carefully? I started on one end of the long way.


I never thought I would be able to use this photo.

Final Thoughts

Lucky you, double installation today. . . Kind of. Nothing too serious with the Jesse Dean Designs carbon fiber handle and some replacement felt pads. While these are simple cosmetic changes you can do on the cheap, I really do think they add to the complete look of the turntable. Soon I’ll have more mods installed that add to my new color scheme. The dream is taking shape!

No reference videos this week, so go check out r/portablism and r/turntablism on Reddit, they’ve given me a lot of support. I guess technically this is three mods installed under my belt now, not bad. Thanks for reading. If you would like to follow along on my quest for unnecessary turntable mods keep your eyes on The Dojo by subscribing to my blog, and as always, if you liked this post please consider sharing it with a friend.

Handle Cost: $8.00

Felts Cost: $3.00

Total Cost: $211.00